Mobile event tickets

Mobile Ticketing represents a huge advance in ticketing efficiency and versatility. Every mobile ticket you issue will save your business money, improve the level of your customer service and reduce recyclable as well as permanent waste — and provide a valuable new highly personal marketing avenue to help increase sales.

A new report from Juniper Research predicts that 1 in 10 mobile subscribers will use mobile ticketing services in 2014. That’s a five-fold growth in just five years.

You are able to have multiple ticket types and pricing levels, which enables you to do early-bird pricing, member/ non member pricing, group packages and so much more.

The many benefits of mobile ticketing

  • Increase sales
    Tickets can be sold right up to the last minute.
  • Instant delivery
    Tickets are delivered immediately.
  • Reduce distribution and operational costs
    Cheaper than printing and posting a paper ticket.
  • Reduce touting
    Mobile tickets can’t simply be transferred like a paper ticket.
  • Tracking
    Organisers can track attendance at an event automatically.
  • Consumer convenience
    No need to queue at the box office to collect paper tickets.
  • Insured ticket
    No need for panic if the consumer loses their mobile ticket. Mobile Tickets can be cancelled and re-issued effortlessly.
  • Guaranteed delivery
    Consumers do not have to worry that their mobile tickets will be delivered in time or lost in the post.
  • Versatility
    Mobile tickets can also be a promotional coupon, reward card or any function currently performed by conventional barcodes.

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